Until about 9 weeks ago my typical skin regime consisted of makeup wipes and moisturiser. Having had pretty good skin growing up with only a few breakouts every now and then (usually cocktail or stress-induced), I never thought much of it.

After teaming up with i.Dental Clinic, I was surprised at how much I learnt after my initial skin consultation. Located in Balwyn North, I was met by Dr. Giulia D’Anna who thought me numerous (usable, easy to understand, fool-proof) steps to maintaining skin elasticity and collagen production – something you apparently need to care about when you move to the 25 – 35 age box (rolls eyes).

After placing my head in what looks like an enclosed light box, Dr.G took a series of photographs of my face to define my skin type. The imagery shows where you store most of the oil on your face, any pigmentation, future pigmentation (spots that haven’t come through yet) and also gives you a reading on the elasticity of your skin, ultimately giving the information you need to establish a successful skincare regime that will keep your skin looking healthy and clear. For eternal youth, i.Dental also offer botox, fillers and numerous other wonderful potions.

After the initial consultation, Dr.G first put me on a new Aspect Dr skincare regime to ensure I wouldn’t react to any treatments.

Aspect Dr SkincareAspect Dr Skincare


Deep Facial Cleanser

Vitamin C Serum



Deep Facial Cleanser

Vitamin A Serum (once per week – this helps remove any dead skin cells)


After a couple of days of using the cleanser, serums and moisturiser I noticed my skin felt cleaner and looked brighter. Starting mid way through winter I was already feeling washed out and tired, and probably more than anything I love the fresh feeling that the cleanser leaves on your skin – particularly at night after removing your makeup.

After using this routine for about 2 and half weeks, I was excited to book in my first treatment. I had a combination Microdermabrasion and LED Light Facial treatment. The Microdermabrasion works to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin, before LED Light therapy is applied to the neck and face for 20 minutes. The best part about this treatment is that there’s no down time. Your face doesn’t peel and you walk out of the clinic feeling vibrant and fresh. I had this treatment the week before I went on holiday, and my skin is still feeling radiant and breakout-free three weeks (and 7 aeroplane flights) later.

i.dental led light facial

You can contact i.Dental directly to book your own skin consultation or appointment on 03 9859 7859 or visit their website here.

Created in collaboration with i.Dental in Balwyn North.